Sep 8, 2009

Paige's first day of Transitional Kindergarten

Here she is...Miss TK! Paige loved her first day of TK with Ms. Laura at Sunrise United Methodist Church today. Her best friend is in her class, and she tells me she has already made another new friend named Abby. They eat lunch there too and unfortunately Scott forgot to take the candy out of the lunchable meal she took so she "got in trouble" the first day. It is actually my fault because I don't think I told him no candy. She took it great and ate the candy as soon as she got home.

Last night was hilarious. We were filling out a questionnaire the teacher had sent home at open house. It asked about likes, favorite things, dislikes. For likes and favorite things she only wanted to put KC (our now four month old cat) whom she adores. For dislikes, I told her I didn't think she had any. I used her friend Julia as an example because Julia is afraid of balloons, so the teacher would want to know in case a balloon was at school and Julia cried. She thought about it a minute and then said, "I'm afraid of tigers and haunted houses but I guess those won't be there so don't write anything." It was priceless.

Here she is playing with Linkin' Logs before Dad left. She had no problems! Yeah!

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