Feb 27, 2011

ABC's of Me

(A) Age: 35

(B) Bed Size: King
(C) Chore You Hate: Grocery shopping. I used to look forward to it and actually think of it as me time, but now it just takes too much time and I come home with the same old boring stuff.

(D) Dogs?: We have lost our two labs in the past year and a half :( Everyday P asked when we can get another dog but I need a little more time before jumping off that cliff.
(E) Essential Start Your Day Item: COFFEE but I have to have my creamer for it to be perfect!
(F) Favorite Color: Red
(G) Gold or Silver? Gold

(H) Height: 5'4.5"
(I) Instruments You Play: Took piano lessons when I was younger but had a horrible teacher so I still don't know how to play the right way.
(J) Job Title: Full-time mama and substitute librarian/teacher. High school English teacher and librarian in my former life.
(K) Kids: T, 9.5--P, 6.5--, Little Man, 7 months
(L) Live: NC my entire life!
(M) Mom's Name: Brenda
(N) Nicknames: Carmalina

(O) Overnight Hospital Stays? only with my babies
(P) Pet Peeve: People who are late....my time is just as valuable as yours.
(Q) Quote from a Movie: I got nothing!
(R) Right or Left Handed? Righty.

(S) Siblings: Younger brother
(T) Time You Wake Up? 6:30 to get everyone off to school.
(U) Underwear: No frills VS
(V) Vegetable You Dislike: I can't think of a one. I don't like cooked spinach alone.

(W) What Makes You Run Late: A seven month old tries sometimes or the infamous car seat that has to be reinstalled from switching cars but most of the time I still have time to spare.
(X) X-Rays You've Had Done: Only at the dentist

(Y) Yummy Food You Make: Granny Annie's pound cake

(Z) Zoo, Favorite Animal: Zebras and for sure!

Feb 24, 2011

Myrtle Beach Half Recap

Here I am at the expo. I LOVE being with runners! Only my kids, husband, friends, ice cream and a race can get a smile like this out of me.

We headed down to Myrtle Beach last friday morning...me and the other members of what we have called the six-pack this training session.

Isn't it awesome having friends that run! We did all but one of our long runs together. I only listened to music on that one solo run. The rest of the runs were spent talking with these great women. I don't get a lot of nights out with friends with a seven month old at home, so my Saturday morning runs have been awesome.

Back to the race...we settled into the cottage we rented for the weekend, went to the expo and grocery store, and then had a wonderful pasta dinner. I was under the covers earlier than usual with all my gear laid out. We got up at 4am. I ate my usual pre-run breakfast of english muffin and PB and some water. We were out the door at 5:15 and at the race by 5:45. It was a wonderful 56 degrees when we arrived.

Before I knew it, the race was about to start. There is nothing like the bang of a gun to get your blood flowing. My plan was to run with J's for as long as she wanted. It was her first half and her birthday. She was so excited and kept me calm in a way since I had run beside her for so many long runs.

Miles 1-3 went by so fast. We were hanging around a 10:12 pace. Coats were off to H's mom at mile 3 and we were in tanks. The weather was amazing and the bacon at Shoney's smelled scrumptious. This is were I first saw the man running with a Krispy Kreme box..not the smaller rectangular box but the flat big box. Took some coordination. I saw him at the end and mentioned the box, and he said they were warm when he first got them. No gu for this man...pure Krispy Kreme.

Miles 4-7 were nice. These are always my favorite miles. My body is warmed up and not tired yet. We talked and people watched. I saw a girl dressed as a sun, a guy with a hot dog hat, a blind runner with his guide (so inspiring), an angry woman who told her friend she thought it was horrible that people were eating outside when she couldn't. Lady it was the beach strip and not everyone was running a race that day.  There were lots of older runners with huge groups of supporters on the sidewalk cheering them on. I want to be that runner at 65.

Miles 8 and 9 were quiet. We were keeping a faster pace than J expected to do. We hovered right around 10 and she thought she would be closer to 11. At the end of 9, J gave me the go ahead to go faster. I was amazed at the speed I was able to pick up. I stayed between 8 and 9 the rest of the race, including when the HOOTER girls waved the halfers one way the the fulls another. Really...Hooters in lifeguard chairs in the middle of the road. The finishing chute was long but ohhhhh so fun. My last half (OBX) had a horrible ending that weaved its way through neighborhoods to the waterfront. There were so many turns with no sign of the finish. This one was NICE.

Time: 2:13:57

This was not a PR but definitely my most enjoyable race. My goal for this race was so up in the air. I didn't think I could get a PR. I just had a baby and did not train for a PR. I trained to get back to running. So I guess I did achieve my goal. I loved getting my legs back post baby. I just got teased with the PR since I got so much closer than I expected.

Lesson learned: I am stronger than I give myself credit. If I have that much speed at the end of a race, I have not run the pace I should at the beginning. I want to stop being scared that I will hit a wall. I want to be wiped at the finish knowing I have given it everything. I have not done that yet.


Cherry Blossom 10-miler!

I always go through some post race blues. I'm sad a training cycle is over. It is not that I don't feel satisfied with the run...I am. I just want another. So, I'll race the 10-miler with a wonderful neighbor and friend, Amy W. who just ran her first marathon. I can't wait to learn from her for my first next March. After the 10-miler, I'm on to my Sprint Tri. I pick up my bike tomorrow! Yeah!

Feb 14, 2011

Say it ain't so!

Where is this girl? Sick with a cold that is where!

Yes, a HEAD COLD has hit....not a blister, black toenail, or broken ipod...all things I could deal with....a H--E--A--D  Cold a week before my half marathon. OK, I've complained to my kids and husband all weekend about it and now I have to deal. Scott did run out and get me Zicam to supposedly cut the length of a cold in half. I've never used it, so even if it is a load of bolgna I'm going to try for the placebo effect and pray that it works.

Here I am after my first half! Yes, I climbed that bridge behind me at mile 12. I'm channeling that healthy girl.

So what do I do this week to try my best to be ready for Saturday and that 13.1 miles? Do I rest? Do I do my two short runs? What is the protocol when you are sick the week of the race? I just don't want to make it worse.

Other than running....

Saturday Scott and I went to see Jerry Seinfeld. It was a combo Valentine's--Scott's Bday gift. He is hilarious. We saw him two years ago (by the way I had a cold then too) and Scott jumped at the chance to see him again. It was crazy to see people coming in late and leaving early. He was only on for a little over an hour and tickets weren't cheap. Oh well, I need to worry about me and we had a ball.

Today is Valentine's Day, so I put notes in the girls' lunch boxes with marshmallow hearts. I have chocolate X 0's for when they get home. Scott gave me a box of chocolate covered cheeries...may absolute favorite and a high priced cheesy foily card. I refuse to buy those cards, so I'll be creating one of my own today with a list of why I love him. Hopefully Little Man will nap so that can happen. Have a great heart day!

Feb 10, 2011

The End of Track Out is Near!

The girls have been tracked out for since the last week of January and go back to school on Monday. We usually try to spice up track out with some kind of trip even if it is just a weekend, but this time we have not a thing. It is bound to happen sometimes. Last week was quite boring, but this week has been much busier.

First a picture of my cutie!
Yes, his eyes are closed but isn't this the greatest! Just to be clear, Scott put him in the pink car. This was P's car and I didn't think he needed anything like this yet. She got it when she was a year old and he is already past her size at a year and he is only six months. As my grandfather says, "He's a real boy!" Ha!

Monday, we got to reconnect with the Saps and Tonnys...awesome family friends. The kids put on a play that was adorable even though it involved being dropped down a well and getting mouth to mouth with a kitchen funnel. Hilarious!

Tuesday, the girls took a cake decorating class. We are huge fans of the Food Network here and my kids would just as much like to watch the Challenge shows as a carton. Here are some pics from the class.

They did a great job and those cakes were yummy! T rescued her picnic bear from the top of hers and it is on a plate in the kitchen. How long do I have to keep it?

Interesting enough, the bike shop is right across the street from the cooking place, so I took the chance and ordered my road bike. It is done. I'll have it Monday! Yikes!

Wednesday, we got to hang out with my nephew. He is talking so much! It was so nice to catch up with my SIL and see the cousins play. I hate that we don't see them more, but we have put dinner on the calendar already so it won't be long. After some quick playdates and dancing for Tate, Wednesday was nearly over. T asked if her BFF could come over to watch a movie. Luckily I found Secretariat at the Red Box. It was great! I loved it!

Today we have more playdates planned and dancing again. Soccer starts this weekend as well as my last long run before the half marathon next weekend. I need to savor the last days of track out because it looks like the spring is going to be a mad dash. There is snow on the ground this morning. I hope it is the last of the season.

Feb 1, 2011

What a Weekend!

I know it is Tuesday but I had a great weekend and wanted to countdown the greatness of it all in no particular order.

1. Ran 11 miles on Saturday for our last long run before the Myrtle Beach half in three weeks. The course clearly not flat, so I definitely feel prepared. The hard part will be fighting the taper madness. I used to be a three day a week runner, but now I'm stuck on four. I need it more.

2. Lion King with my mom. IT WAS AMAZING! Her birthday is the day after Christmas, so for the last couple of  years I have taken her to a show to celebrate once the madness of the holidays ends.

3. Tilapia with mango salsa for dinner before the show without kids. Yummy and I tasted every bite.

4. Got to run most of Amy's last 20 miler with her before her first marathon. She has trained solo most of the time which is a huge mental and physical accomplishment in my book. I am in awe of her and can't wait to hear her marathon recap.

5. A beautiful 67 degree day on Sunday after months of frigid cold weather. I love the "treats" North Carolina gives us every now and then. I got a 3 mile recovery run in with my new neighbor who also runs and I got to wear short sleeves and capris.

6. Getting fitted for a road bike! Now I get to decide which one to buy in a few weeks. They all felt light as a feather after riding my hybrid for so long.

7. Buying a $3 Snickers at the show. I am a cheapskate, so actually allowing myself to purchase such an outrageously priced treat shows what a good mood I was in that night.

8. Purging the attic and girls' clothes with trips to Goodwill and the dump! I seem to do my spring cleaning in January.

9. Scott being off the whole week and weekend since the girls were tracked out.

10. Not catching the cold (YET!) that all three kids have had since early last week.

This week is pretty uneventful. I am subbing tomorrow at Enloe and running 9 alone on Friday. I have not done a long run alone this whole training cycle, but I think it will be good for me. On race day, I will likely be alone. My group has different goals. I still don't have a clear goal. This is my first race since having baby D. I really don't think I can PR but a itty bitty part of me wants to try. The course is pancake flat. I think I need to run my best and if I feel it that day give it my all. I can always slow down....right?