May 20, 2010

From the mouths of high schoolers

So, I am due in less than two months with Baby B and I have clearly become a distraction at work with the students. They see me and immediately far along are you?, do you know what it is?, can I touch your belly?, when are you due? They gawk at my belly without making eye contact until what seems like minutes later. It is like I've had a boob job on my stomach...that will be the closest thing to that kind of attention I will ever get. Ha! Here are some of the more interesting comments....
  • They let you work like that.
  • You should be on the couch.
  • When are you going into labor?
  • Your timer has popped so you must be done (in reference to my belly button).
  • I'm checking out a book and a student asked me the due date.  He precedes to freak when I say two weeks. I am talking about the book and he is referring to the baby.
  • When I wore a white and purple stripped shirt, I was told that I could be a character in a Dr. Seuss book. I have not worn said shirt again. Why do they make stripped shirts for pregnant ladies? Why do I buy them?
  • You don't look pregnant from behind but whooooo when you turn around....
The scary thing is that I have a month more to work pregnant and my belly is only going to get bigger. I will definitely be able to add to this list by June 11th.

May 19, 2010

Paige's Recital

Paige's dance recital was Saturday at the Holly Spring Cultural Center. She danced to a Peter Pan song. I just think she is the cutest thing ever when you pull her hair back and put mascara on those long eyelashes she got from Scott. I wish you could see them in the picture. She decided to take a break from dancing next year and try gymnastics again so this recital was a little bittersweet. She is quite graceful and has been dancing since she was two when she and I joined a Mommy and me class. But...on the bright side...she wants to try new things which is awesome.
Here we are with the ballerina and Baby B in my belly. Whew! I'm getting big. Maybe I should not have turned to the side. We've taken this shot each year, so I had to get one and have so few of me pregnant that I can't complain really.

After the big show, we went to dinner with Myrna, Bob, Garrett, Emily, and Connor at Bass Lake. Connor was a hoot laughing and throwing a torpedo yellow crayon at Paige. That boy has an arm.  Maybe he'll play football for Florida and make Garrett proud!

It was a wonderful day! Paige got beautiful flowers. Earlier in the day, Paige told me that she did not see any flowers around and that I would be sent to my room for two weeks if we did not get her flowers. I thought it was hilarious. Scott picked them up on his way home from work and had them hidden in the garage.