Mar 26, 2009

From the Mouths of Babes

This morning Scott and I had to go to the lawyer's office and sign all the papers for our refinancing. Paige went with us and played with a few toys they had outside the office. By the end, she was in the office and the lawyer even did the hidden candy trick under Styrofoam cups to entertain her. Anyway, we finished up with our new shiny pens in hand. When we walked out of there, Scott was on cloud nine talking about the money we were saving (over the next 30 years mind you...but I'm excited too). He looked at Paige and said, "Paigey, you can go to college now." She looked at him like he was crazy and said, "I'll just get an American Girl doll." That is what a lot of money means to her. Ha!

Mar 25, 2009

Dance costumes

Tuesdays are dance days at our house. Costumes are in and Paige has a doozey! Close your eyes and imagine this....neon green tutu, black and green checked bodice with flesh color material that ends in a tight collar no four year old wants to wear. Needless to say I am not a fan but it grows on me each time I see it on her because what four year old is not cute in a tutu. Well, yesterday the teacher invited us in to see the dance. I have been watching them practice it for a few weeks but had not heard the music so I was excited to see how it all came together. So I am sitting there and the most adorable song comes on. It is called "Barbie Bandaids." It is the sweetest country song about your daughter growing up. I will be crying buckets at the recital. So now go back to the description I gave does this sweet song relate to the disco outfit hanging in Paige's closet? Did I mention her teacher is 17? Great girl and perfect with the kids but oh my! That may explain it all.

Mar 23, 2009

Week in Review

Whew! What a week!

Monday and Tuesday were spent finishing up Tate's landforms project. I am truly going to school all over again. She drew, defined, and colored 10 landforms and created a visual that included a clay hill, sandy coast, pipe cleaner windmill on the plains, and a tissue paper mountain. She was a trooper and very proud to brag that she had drawn all her pictures while two people in her class only cut out pictures and glued them down. I did squeeze in 6 miles on Tuesday with Holly.

Wednesday was Scott's 40th birthday. After I got over the shock of thinking someone was attacking me in the dark of the early morning, I couldn't stop laughing at the balloons on our mailbox and streamers that friends had covered Scott's car with. He came home to 40 cards in the mailbox. We took him out to dinner and came home with cake. I'm still trying to get him to buy the 40 inch plasma, but I think he wants a vacation instead.

Thursday and Friday were spent on secret shopping missions for Scott's surprise party. Paige also had her recital pictures on Friday. While I read in Tate's class, Paige got to go down to a neighbor's house with all the other girls in her class and have her hair and make-up done. They all looked absolutely adorable. The green and black costume is slowly growing on me because I just think any tutu is cute.

Saturday Tate had a soccer game and scored her first goal of the season! Go Sounders! Once we got home, we started cleaning up. Scott thought we were cleaning for his mom but he would soon find out that he was cleaning for his very own party. He went to lunch with his brother and only then did I tell the girls what was going on. Paige is not good with secrets. Jim arrived shortly with tables, coolers, and cornhole. The backyard was transformed. The party went great. Nearly 30 of us surprised him (kinda). He recounted the clues for us later. I guess Garrett insisting to go to lunch on Saturday versus Sunday started the suspicion. Then the call I made Emily make because I was nervous he was never going to come home didn't help. The only thing that make him think twice was a last minute idea by a friend who told me to do something normal. I grabbed my next door neighbor and we went and stood in her driveway and pretended to talk like a normal afternoon. After much cornhole, BBQ, and beer the party ended a little after 7.

Sunday was beautiful! We kept the girls outside and cleaned up the yard. Now I look forward to a normal busy week versus the Brennans on fast forward!

Mar 12, 2009

Come on Spring and SPRING!

I love warm weather. I am absolutely not made to withstand the cold. Put me on a desert island any day before making me travel to Alaska. I accomplished something big this year and trained for a half marathon in the cold, even ran 12 miles in the low 30s which is big for me. Couldn't feel my toes until about five miles in.

Needless to say, I can't wait for spring. This week got me excited. My daffodils, tulips, and day lilies are coming up (I am addicted to gardening). I pruned the crepe myrtles and planted a leftover lantana that I did not get into the ground last fall. I was so surprised to see that it was still alive when I went to throw it away. Tate had her first soccer game last Saturday--no need to mention the score. Paige got invited to attend a select dance class this summer--no need to talk about Tate not getting asked. Recital tickets go on sale on Saturday. Scott's 40th birthday is next week. All the signs of spring are here but the weather is getting cooler again. I am going to look at the showers coming in as a positive sign. The grass is sure to get greener and plants bigger. When the rain breaks on Wednesday, I demand spring to show its pretty face.

Mar 9, 2009

Job or no job...that is the question

Yes, I am one of the luckily part-time Wake County employees who is in limbo wondering if they have a job next year. All part-time contracts are terminating, so while my principal wants to keep me there are lots of other factors that will determine if I have a job. I am actually OK with being cut if that is what is meant to be but the uncertainty is killing me.

Luckily Paige is not very happy at her school. She is quiet and doesn't share much with her teachers. This is not the loud, dancing girl I live with. I hate to think that she goes into a shell at school. After two years, I don't think we should be having anymore crying days at drop off and we still do. She asks Scott everyday for me to pick her up early. It breaks our hearts, but when I pick her up she is happy in her silent way...playing on the playground or listening to a story at circle time. Her teachers say she is reserved but happy throughout the day. One conversation especially made me cry. At a conference I asked the teacher about Paige playing with friends, especially Sammy who she talks about a lot at home. The teacher said she does not play with others that very busy but mostly plays independently. I felt like I was kicked in the stomach. I think Paige is an observer. She sees so much and tells us so much but maybe she is not always involved.

Obviously as her mother I feel responsible for making her happy and putting her in places that help her grow. This school is awesome but is not the best place for her. So to make a long story and lots of thinking short...we have made different plans for her next year. She will be going to a local church and taking part in their transitional kindergarten program. The class is very small and one of her best friends will be there with her. I think this will help her feel more comfortable. I sure hope so! The lucky part is that this decision was in the works before the job crisis arose. I would have hated to move her if she was happy. We would have had no choice because we can't really afford her current school without my income. Her new school is less than half what we are currently paying, and she will be going five half days next year. It is all working out as well as can be expected. She is excited and I am excited for her. We will get to spend the summer together and be fancy free! I can't wait. I'll leave the rest to the higher powers and enjoy the now!

Mar 2, 2009

The Tale of Two Shoestrings

I was cleaning out a drawer this morning--a snowy morning in March---another make-up day eating into my spring break--and I found two packs of shoestrings I got in a gift bag after a race. I gave them to the girls to play with because I am always amazed at what they do with stuff. Their imaginations are out of control. Soon they each had hand towels tied to their legs with the shoestrings--"Mom, we have broken legs." Soon they also had canes and crutches which were actually parts of a fort set. It was hilarious! Before it was all over the shoestrings turned into a limbo bar when attached to more pieces of the fort set. What will they come up with next?

When the shoestring fun ran out, we headed out into the snow that cancelled school today. We made the snow lady you see below. A snowball fight, snow angels, and a cup of hot cocoa later we are back inside. What will the shoestrings be next?