Jan 15, 2011

It's Back!

This week I realized I have a problem! I'm addicted to my Garmin running watch. Last Saturday it went missing after my long run. FYI...I'm training for a half marathon in Myrtle Beach next month. On Sunday Scott asked me where the watch was because he was going out for a run. I was in the shower and told him it was where it always is...our office. He said it was wasn't and left. In my head he had obviously overlooked it because it could not be missing.

It was! I backtracked in my head...searched my car...searched every possible and impossible place in the house. It drove me bonkers! I ran on the treadmill Tuesday because of ice and then Thursday I ran with a friend in the neighborhood. I craved the beep it gives as the miles go by. I even went so far as to unconsciously tap my arm to stop the time when my run was over. I had a clear problem!

I grumbled to Scott...not blaming him but just disappointed that it was gone and picturing the lucky person at the Tobacco Trail who must have found it when it fell out of my car. That was the only thing I could think could have happened because I had looked everywhere. I even bribed the girls to look for me just for a fresh set of eyes.

Saturday rolled around again...no Garmin. I went to pick up Holly, so we could meet our other running friends for a 10 mile run this morning. I told her I still had not found it. She had told me to pray to Saint Anthony earlier in the week. We laughed because I decided it only worked for Catholics, not Methodists. I told her it had consumed me this week and I would have to break down and buy another one that afternoon just so I would stop looking. She bent down to get something in her purse and with eyes a blazing came up with two Garmins in her hand...hers and MINE! I was so so so EXCITED! Out of control excited. She kept apologizing but I could have cared less that she had it. The point was.....she had it!!! Last week she had been sitting in the back of my car. After our run I had put my belt, headband, gloves, and Garmin in the base of little D's car seat. I swore all week that I had not taken it off in the car but obviously I did. Darn memory! She grabbed it thinking it was hers and had been using it all week. Only when she put mine in her purse were the two watches ever together for her to notice.

Thank you Holly for finding it this morning rather than tomorrow. I would have had another one on the way.
And....I have definitely found out I can run without music but I need my Garmin.


5 Miles 2 Empty said...

So glad you found it!!! What a relief! I hate running without mine too. Once I forgot mine and got in my car and drove home. I felt there was no use running without it...isn't that crazy! =)

I have no idea whose blog I posted it on but I gave a long comment about how I picked my bike! I must have gone to the wrong blog! someone problably thinks, "so what? I don't care about getting a bike!"

Anyway, I really didn't do a lot of research before hand. I knew the girl who won Kona was riding a Felt. I went to the local bike shop and got fitted, they measured me and then pulled down a few bikes to try. I rode a Giant, Quintana Roo, the Felt and a Cannondale around the parking lot. I rode them all about 3 times each. I just kind of chose by what felt good. The bike shop guy was really knowledgeable and that helped. You can google tri bikes and just read about them. If you have a price range it is pretty safe to say that most of the bikes within that range will all be comparable in quality: parts, frame, design...it will boil down to how it fits you and how you like it!

Tricia said...


Zoƫ said...

Oh man, being without my Garmin would be awful! It's an extension of my arm when running! Glad that you found it...those suckers are expensive. :)

Thanks for the comment! You are going to be amazing in the Half next month! Just enjoy it.

the dawn said...

wow! how crazy is that? i would totally be the one that didn't realize that i had two :) no...i would have misplaced it...cause i do that all the time with my garmin, my keys, my glasses...i'm a mess :)

bottom line: you found it! so exciting!