Jul 8, 2011

Note to Self

From Scott's snip snip (if you know what I mean), vacation with a baby, getting our attic finished, and training for a triathlon....I have learned quite a few things lately.

1. Wear glasses when riding my bike unless you want to have bugs swimming in your tear ducts for hours after the ride only to resurface the next morning. GROSS!

2. I not only learned to spell Vasectomy, I found out that you should not have your husband go through that procedure when you have a child that cannot walk since you will be the one who can lift him for three days. I applaud all single moms all the time.

3. Also, do not plan your vacation the week of a procedure that keeps your husband from helping you load the car for vacation. I tackled and won the battle of putting the shell and huge monster black suitcase on the roof of the car all by myself while the framers working on my attic had a break and watched me.

4. There is something to be said for children who like to eat sand at the beach and stay far away from the water. Dane (who puts everything in his mouth except sand apparently) crawled like a mad man toward the ocean with no abandon. No fear!

5. You know you are a carpenter's daughter when you see light coming into your family room (compliments of the contractor who thought it was a pocket to run plumbing)  and water dripping into your bathroom from the framers hitting a pipe and don't freak out. I'm not happy but I know these things happen unfortunately.

6. Wonderful greasy goodness (John's dolphin boats in Kitty Hawk) are an annual splurge and could send my three kids to college. Wow that was expensive!

7. Keeping up with training while on vacation can be hampered when running in smoke and humidity. It just so happened that the wind would shift each morning I ran to bring the smoke to the beach. It would conveniently go away after the run.

8. Scott is hilarious on Valium...glassy eyed and laid back marveling at his final progeny.

9. When I thought about the attic, I thought Dane's naps would be interrupted. Instead I found out his can sleep through anything except his sisters' voices.

10. Will there be any 86 year olds at the tri on Sunday to beat me in the swim. Probably....

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