Apr 15, 2009

Day as a Single Mom

Wake up at 3am to Scott's alarm that is going off for some reason while he is sleeping peacefully in Chicago. End up taking batteries out of the thing because I can't figure it out.

Wake up at 6, shower, get dressed for work. No jammies in the carpool line today.

Wake up Tate. Tate and I wake up Paige and carry the princess downstairs.

Feed dogs.

Fix them breakfast--poptart and waffle for Paige, bagel and waffle for Tate. As they watch a show, I packed Tate's lunch and got every one's book bag ready to go. I also brewed coffee in my cracked pot because I just had to have a cup.

Got girls dressed and hair done.

Leave home at 7:30 headed to Primrose. Earliest Paige has been dropped off before since Scott usually takes her at 8:30. Drop off Tate in carpool at 8:00.

Arrive at Enloe at 8:50 rather than the 6:20 I normally get there. Odd to walk in the school when the sun is out.

Work, work, work.

Meet Tate at the bus stop. Drop her off at Molly's for a play date.

Stop by Harris Teeter on my way to get Paige for some last minute dinner items.

Return home and when Tate gets back we start on homework while Paige swings. Get salad ready.

Hit the car again at 4:55 to go sign Tate up for dancing next year. We got the 5:00 lottery slot which is a great time but one of the classes she wants is already full. She is going to take ballet and tap and maybe we will get the jazz class she wants and drop the tap.

Return home and throw the chicken on the grill. Pack up BBQ chicken and apple/blue cheese salad for a friend and jump back in the car to deliver.

Return home for the third time today and have dinner. Finish homework and send the girls to the backyard while I sit here and blog.

Now I am off to give them baths and study for the science test Tate has on weather. Oh, and the 15 minutes she needs to read.

Did I say how much I love my husband and can't wait for him to get home. The mulch is coming tomorrow!

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