Apr 17, 2009

Tidbits from our week

Scott went to Chicago but said all he saw was the inside of the hotel conference center. Too bad!

Our coffee pot cracked and microwave shorted out. Is that really fair to happen in the same week?

This week I asked Tate why she was sleeping on top of her made bed. I reminded her that just because her bed was made does not mean that the rest of her room is clean. She smiled and said, "I was hoping the bed would do the rest."

The Easter Bunny got Paige a CD player. Now she is a singing dancing maniac. I love it. She sings so loud you would never know how shy she acts at school.

Paige is growing a lima bean even though she does not like them and actually brought home the seeds from her cucumber at lunch on Wednesday to plant in our garden.

I almost ran over a duck on my way to work today. What was he doing by himself at 6 in the morning?

Paige is pumping on the swing all by herself like a pro now. It sure took a while but she has it.

Tate's appetite is back after a cold this week. Thank goodness.

Tate went to her friend Abbie's house yesterday to play. She came home saying, "Mom, I love my chocolate bunny but Abbie's was all the way up to her knee." We just had a talk about haves and have nots so this was funny watching her want to tell me but treading lightly.

Tonight we have dinner with G, Emily and baby Connor. We can't wait.

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