May 13, 2009

Chalk family

The girls are obsessed with drawing pictures on the driveway with chalk right now. They are getting quite good at it. Tate has a house, girl and garden with watering can going right now. Good cheap fun!

Yesterday, Paige wanted to trace us all to have a family in her picture. I humored her and laid down on the cement while she traced me...even each finger. What an eyeopener when I got up. I'm a pretty small person but you should see the hips on the chalk me. Ha! It was hilarious. Now there is a chalk Tate, Paige and Mom greeting our neighbors as they walk by. We are even holding hands. OK, rain come help me out!

Tate tracks back in today....5 more weeks and I'll have a 3rd grader. Can that be right? Paige is done at her school on June 5. We'll have the summer together and she will start at her new school in September for Transitional Kindergarten.

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