May 11, 2009

Crazy Dog

It has been two weeks since Scout passed away, and Jackson is now full blown spoiled by all of us. She loves the air condition, so we have to fight her to go out. She just wants to relax and shed her winter fur all over the hardwood. When she sees us coming to let her out for the bathroom, she hides under chairs or behind the couch. I guess she is scared the good life will be taken away again just like it was when the kids arrived and she and Scout started staying outside more. The last two nights she has for some reason decided that after it cools off outside she enjoys laying on the patio and does not want to come in for the night when Scott and I are ready for bed. When we call her in, she goes under the porch. We left her out Saturday night, and she did fine. Last night, I gave up and left her out again but at 3:30 in the morning she decided she was ready to come in. A rhythmic bark persisted until I woke up and let her in. That just can't happen. I guess we are going to have to take our spoiled almost 12 year old dog into our fenced in backyard on a leash each night so that she will come in without a scene.

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