Jun 2, 2009

Tate's Recital

Tate had her dance recital on last Saturday! I was the class mom this year. Yeah me! It actually wasn't too bad except for the girls asking me every second how many songs until their turn. They were after intermission so it was quite a few, but they never gave up asking. Here are some shots of the class hanging out before their number.

Here they are right before going on stage.

They danced to "Carolina on My Mind" by James Taylor. It was beautiful. I am so impressed by her studio. At 14, they take them to dance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I will live vicariously through her if they are still doing that when she gets that old. How fun!

Here we are having ice cream to celebrate afterwards.

Her recital closes out our activities for this school year. I signed them up for swim lessons and Paige up for gymanstics for the summer. A change of pace for the summer....

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Amy W said...

Where did you sign up for swim lessons???