Jun 21, 2009

Just cried in front of the girls

I don't cry...hardly ever...especially in front of the girls, but they did talk me into watching Marley & Me. Therefore, now I have cried twice in front of them. A story for Tate to tell. She remembers me crying at the old house. She thinks I was sad to go when really it was because the realtor told me to paint the kitchen and put in a new chandelier.

We rented some movies yesterday, and I had planned to watch it alone last night but I gave in. It was so good. Perfect dog lover movie. Having just lost Scout I waited to watch it and thought I was ready. I guess I would have cried no matter what but watching them say goodbye to Marley made me crumble. Tate crumbled with me just like the oldest child in the movie. I think it was good for us and I don't think I have harmed them for life. It made us remember Scout's toilet drinking, endless eating if the dog food was left open, and inability to drop the tennis ball. It also made me think about Jackson who has racked up hundreds of dollars in vet bills because of a horrible ear infection in the last two weeks. I even have a prescription I need to get to the pharmacy today to hopefully get her well. In the end the movie reminded me that I need to go pick up Scout's ashes so we can take them to the beach with us over the fourth.

The newest member of the family, KC--Krazy Cat, is doing great. He is all energy and we all have the scratches to prove it. The girls have quickly learned to close their doors at night so their feet are not attacked. He is the cutest thing ever. A great addition to our family!

I've been off a week from work and feel busier rather than like I am on vacation...lots of fun stuff! If computer problems stay out of my way and I get an extra hour in the day I'll try to update more. Paige went down the huge slide on her own on Friday for the first time. Tate has a week left of Second Grade and will have Mr. Tricino next year--her first boy teacher. Paige starts camp tomorrow at her new school. It will give her a chance to see the place and get ready for September. Both girls are three weeks into their summer gymnastics session having loads of fun on the bars and balance beam--a nice break from dance.

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