Jul 7, 2009

July 4th

We headed down to Kitty Hawk last Tuesday after Tate finished second grade for a quickie beach vacation before third grade started today! We had a great week, awesome weather, and got to see my parents and grandfather. Here are some highlights:

Scott digs the girls a hole each day for them to use as a pool. On this day, they became Olympians doing the triple jump.

Here is my beach bum glistening in the July heat.

B and Tate playing ladderball...our new beach game for the week that we feel in love with.

The Brennan girls before the fireworks.

Tate venturing out into the water with Dad.

Searching for shells before heading home.

This is my favorite place in the planet to be. We are heading back again for a longer stay when Tate tracks out for her summer break.

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