Dec 3, 2009

All I Want for Christmas

I brought a quiver to Paige's tears but a quiver.  I felt like mud.  It was all about her Christmas list.  In the past the girls have put their top three toys on their list for Santa like the three gifts brought to Baby Jesus.  It's a nice number, and we have lots of family so the girls get plenty of other gifts too.  Paige has not been able to limit it to three this year. 

Her list includes:
  1. Fish and all the stuff to go with it.
  2. Dog
  3. American Girl Doll shoe set
  4. DSi
  5. Mario Brothers DSi game like Tate's
  6. Two American Girl Dolls
So I explained that we have a dog and that Santa would be more likely to give a dog or American Girl doll to a little girl that did not have any.  She has two American Girl dolls by the way.  She listens when I say this and seems to get it but the list does not change.  It actually only gets longer as she sees things or as Tate mentions things.  Anyway, I'm not going to stress her out with choosing.  I told her Santa knows what she will enjoy most and she should not worry about it.  Let's just hope Christmas morning is a success and no quivers come on that day.  This weekend we will take our lists to the big Macy's mailbox, so the list making can stop.

Tate is a whole different story.  She doesn't want much of anything.  I think her list so far is inline skates, two DSi games, and Guess Who Extra...nothing close to the hundreds her sister wants me to spend (unknowly of course...they still have no true sense of money).So I am trying to pull more ideas out of Tate.  I always want to make sure they have something fun for that day.

If I sound worried, I'm really not.  I love to shop for them, but I want to make them happy.   

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