Dec 14, 2009

Where did December go?

I never meant for so much time to pass before I updated on all our holiday happenings.  I keep waiting to do it because I want to add pictures and let's be honest....that adds another step to the process.  Since my last post we had our fourth annual gingerbread house (aka graham cracker houses) party on Dec. 4th.  The kids are getting so good at making these houses.  The same group has done it each year and it is amazing to see how intricate they are getting these days.  Tate and Julia took every minute they could and covered every square inch of their houses even creating walkways and bushes. Everyone stayed for pizza afterwards which was a lot of fun too.

Next came Tate's Holiday Caberet on Dec. 5th, which is a recital put on by her dance studio for the American Cancer Society each year.  Tate's ballet class was asked to participate.  They did a beautiful dance as snowflakes. She gets so nervous when she has to leave me and go backstage, but she did great.  She didn't miss a beat.  I could see her searching the audience for us.  She finally found us when they were coming up for their bow and she waved at us like crazy.  Here is a picture of her after the show.

Last Thursday night was O'Holly Night at the elementary school.  It is a crazy but fun night.  All the classrooms are set up with games for the kids.  The media center is filled with theme baskets created by each class.  These are the stars of the night.  The baskets are packed with fun things.  This year some neat baskets were the Gift card basket, Parents night out, Barbie vs. GI Joe, Principal for a Day.  You get the idea.  After getting their face painted, nails done, and playing a few games, I bought the raffle tickets and they girls put tickets in their favorites.  Scott met us there for the drawing at the end of the night after work.  About half way through the calling of winners (there are over 40 baskets), Tate's name was called.  I had put her name on them all.  We were so shocked.  She and I ran up there to get it. It was the Everything Disney basket.  Tate thought they had made a mistake because she did not drop one in that basket.  It was Paige who voted for it.  It was great.  They got three fleece blankets, a movie, three mugs, two games, cards, coloring, and 2 stuffed animals.  Maybe the Brennan luck is changing. I have been lucky in the grocery store lines lately.

Then Friday night Holly, Laura and I took our kids to Disney on Ice.  We surprised them all.  They had no idea where they were going.  I had told my girls that we would be out late with thousands of people.  The plan was all in place, but Paige had a low grade fever Thursday night and friday morning.  I pumped her with Motrin and she rested on the couch all morning.  After lunch, she perked up.  I felt OK taking her...thank goodness.  Once we got in the parking lot, they remembered that they had seen the circus at the RBC center.  I told them this was something different.  Once we got in there, the Disney merchandise gave it away and I got Tate to read the sign.  I wish you could have seen Tate's mouth the entire time.  It was open with awe watching the guys throw these girls and lift them so high.  They loved it.  Paige was a little concerned with the fireworks and fire.  She really thought the ice would melt and everyone would fall in, so I kept reassuring her.  Other than the $12 cotton candy, the night was absolutely perfect.  I loved suprising them.

This weekend was cold and rainy.  I got my wrapping done and Christmas cards finished, so I feel caught up.  We leave Tuesday morning for my parents house.  We'll come back Thursday late to be home Christmas morning. Tomorrow Tate has a Holidays Around the World presentation at school that we get to go see and Friday Paige has a Milk & Cookies party with holiday story being read by parents.  For me it will be a week of cooking and planning for cooking.  Thursday is our street's annual cookie exchange, Friday is a surprise party where I'm bringing wings, and Sunday the Brennans are getting together locally to celebrate Garrett's birthday and Christmas.  I'm making quiche for that.  I love holidays and love that we have had such fun things to do this year without feeling overwhelmed.

Here are three last pictures.  One of Tate putting the topper on the tree and one of the girls sending their santa letters.  Only ten days to go!


RunningmamaNC said...

I heard Tate's name being called and cheered like it was one of my own kids winning! I love it when I know someone who wins!!!! Congrats!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics of the girls sending their letters...too cute :) Thanks for hosting the 4th annual gingerbread party, the girls loved it like always :)