Feb 15, 2010

Disney and beyond!

We had a great trip to Disney! I love that the girls like to go as much as we do. With two trips under our belt, we have avoided the crankie monsters that I know lots of parents have to deal with on those long days on vacation.  Our vacation issue appears to be endless energy that keeps them up so much later than you would think.  I am ready to crash, and they are fine.  All week I kept waiting for it to catch up with them, but it never does.

Girls outside of the Nemo ride.

Even when I'm not pregnant, I will not do these rides. Thank goodness Scott will.

Gotta love Mickey in Animal Kingdom!

This was so much fun!

Can you tell how soaked they are?  I love these rides and couldn't do it this time. Paige was just shy of being tall enough.

Paige really expanded the rides she would go on this time.  She rode the Barnstormer and did all the 3D shows that scared her last time. Tate and I hit some rides we missed last time like the Haunted mansion.  Sea World was amazing.  I absolutely loved the dophin show and feeding the dolphins with the girls.  Shamu was not as big as I remembered when I was 8 but still out of this world.  The tricks they are able to teach a deadly killer whale are amazing.  Can I be them when I grow up?

After seven days, we headed back on Saturday, January 30th, the same day Raleigh had gotten snow, ice, and freezing temperatures.  We left Orlando at 5:45am and it was 60 degress.  We got home at 5pm after 2 scary hours on the icy North Carolina roads and it was 21.

Since returning we have had yet more snow but this time it was fluffy and only lasted the day...that is my kind of snow.  Now I'm ready for spring time.  The daffodils around the mailbox have emerged but are probably quite confused by the temps.  I hope they make it the rest of the way up this year.

Tate tracked back in last Thursday after getting over a cold when she got back from Disney.  Paige caught the cold a week after her and ended up with strep throat too.  Now everyone is healthy and can't wait to go to the doctor with me tomorrow to find out if we will welcome a new boy or girl to the family in July.  The vote stands 3 for boy and 1 for girl (Scott).  We'll see who is right.

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