Mar 1, 2010

Paige slept in her bed last night!

For about two weeks, Paige has snuck into our bed in the middle of the night or been there at 10 when Scott and I usually head upstairs.  She is the cutest darn thing sleeping there but not a good bed partner.  She comes equipped with her dream pillow (a small taggy blanket), her blanket, and usally a baby. She will actually get on you in her sleep.  Scott has woken up to have her head on his stomach.  Her legs are usually on me. Anyway, she has "visited" before but this time it has developed some consistency.  When we ask her about it, she says she had a bad dream.  Now she says she has trouble falling asleep in her own room. We kept urging her to stay in her room and talking about dreams and how they are not real.  I could tell we had hit a habit.  So last night, I told her if she could stay in her room I would get her the Zu Zu pet she has been wanting for weeks now.  For those of you who are not familiar with this new cult toy, it is a battery operated hamster.  No frills about it so I have put off getting one.  I told her if she got the zu zu pet and then started coming to our room again, we would have to take it back for a day.  I hope this does not make it sound like horrible parents.  I find it very hard to talk about with her because I don't want her to think we don't want her there.  If she is scared, I want her to come to us, but it was clear a habit was being formed. Long story short....she did it! Slept all night in her bed!  I left her a note this morning since I leave for work before they get up.  I told her how proud of was of her.  Now the real fun begins....buying the motorized hamster and facing the task of taking it away tonight if she wanders down the hall.  Wish us luck!

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