May 19, 2010

Paige's Recital

Paige's dance recital was Saturday at the Holly Spring Cultural Center. She danced to a Peter Pan song. I just think she is the cutest thing ever when you pull her hair back and put mascara on those long eyelashes she got from Scott. I wish you could see them in the picture. She decided to take a break from dancing next year and try gymnastics again so this recital was a little bittersweet. She is quite graceful and has been dancing since she was two when she and I joined a Mommy and me class. But...on the bright side...she wants to try new things which is awesome.
Here we are with the ballerina and Baby B in my belly. Whew! I'm getting big. Maybe I should not have turned to the side. We've taken this shot each year, so I had to get one and have so few of me pregnant that I can't complain really.

After the big show, we went to dinner with Myrna, Bob, Garrett, Emily, and Connor at Bass Lake. Connor was a hoot laughing and throwing a torpedo yellow crayon at Paige. That boy has an arm.  Maybe he'll play football for Florida and make Garrett proud!

It was a wonderful day! Paige got beautiful flowers. Earlier in the day, Paige told me that she did not see any flowers around and that I would be sent to my room for two weeks if we did not get her flowers. I thought it was hilarious. Scott picked them up on his way home from work and had them hidden in the garage.

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