May 20, 2010

From the mouths of high schoolers

So, I am due in less than two months with Baby B and I have clearly become a distraction at work with the students. They see me and immediately far along are you?, do you know what it is?, can I touch your belly?, when are you due? They gawk at my belly without making eye contact until what seems like minutes later. It is like I've had a boob job on my stomach...that will be the closest thing to that kind of attention I will ever get. Ha! Here are some of the more interesting comments....
  • They let you work like that.
  • You should be on the couch.
  • When are you going into labor?
  • Your timer has popped so you must be done (in reference to my belly button).
  • I'm checking out a book and a student asked me the due date.  He precedes to freak when I say two weeks. I am talking about the book and he is referring to the baby.
  • When I wore a white and purple stripped shirt, I was told that I could be a character in a Dr. Seuss book. I have not worn said shirt again. Why do they make stripped shirts for pregnant ladies? Why do I buy them?
  • You don't look pregnant from behind but whooooo when you turn around....
The scary thing is that I have a month more to work pregnant and my belly is only going to get bigger. I will definitely be able to add to this list by June 11th.

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