Jun 16, 2010

Two milestones for the ladies

First, Paige had her transitional kindergarten graduation at the end of May. It was one of those memories you just won't ever forget. They sang a cute song and then one by one they came to the front of the stage to get their diploma and tell the crowd what they wanted to be when they grow up. Paige said a vet. She loves KC, our cat more than anything, so I can see that. Afterward, there was a picnic and the kids played on the playground. Here is my professional hula hooper...

Now, she and I are on our summer break. She starts kindergarten on July 12th with Mrs. Stallings (yippee--the teacher we wanted more than anything). Last week we got her blue (favorite color) backpack and lunch box. Soon enough we will fill it with school supplies and she'll be off. I just can't believe it but with the extra year of preschool, I know she is ready. Next week she is doing an all day gymnastics camp....her idea for the full day. Mark my words...she'll be the one to leave the nest and blaze her own trail.

Now for Tate....her dance recitals took place last weekend. She had her ballet recital on Saturday and her tap recital on Sunday. Here are some pics.

She was showered with flowers! I've never seen so many vases around the house. The ballet number was a Venetian masquerade. It was beautiful. After a few years of odd costumes, I feel like she finally got her first true tutu. Her tap number was to "Hit the Road Jack." There were only three people in her class: Tate, Isabella and Sydney (a boy). I thik they did great on the big stage in such a small group. The costume glowed but fit the music.

Tate does not get much of a summer break until August. She finishes her year on June 30th. Scott is going to take the girls to the Outer Banks for a few day over the 4th of July while I hang back and enjoy some time with my best friend Courtney who is going to come visit and drive me to the hospital if I go into labor while Scott is gone. Ha! Luckily, our babies usually come right on time, so I think we'll be safe. Fourth grade will start for her on July 9th and then she'll track out in late July for her three week summer break and her 9th birthday.

This is sure to be an exciting and life altering summer for us! I'll keep you updated.

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