Dec 7, 2010

The last three months in pictures

Having Dane and two kids in school has sucked my time dry....when to post. Every day I see and think about cute things the kids do with the intention to write them down for all to see and share but time escapes me. So here is my solution for now....the last three months in snapshots and captions. Hopefully from this point forward I can take some time to jot down the fun daily.

I decided to take a picture of Dane each month on the 20th on our blue couch. Stay tuned to watch him grow.

Labor Day trip to the beach and Dane's first visit. The girls always say he will be the last to do things, but he is the youngest baby we have taken to the beach.

September 20th!

A fun family day at Phillips Farm...corn maze, pumpkin launcher, cow train, corn sandbox, hay stacks, etc.

Paige's first soccer season was awesome! She scored a goal and got that trophy she has been wanting.

We said goodbye to our wonderful neighbors, the Staffords. Anna and Paige are great friends! We were so sad to see them go.

October 20th!

Halloween fun! No more princesses in the Brennan house. The girls wanted to be scary so we have a witch, vampire, and the cutest skeleton around.

Connor turned two!

Self portrait of my first time on a horse....marked one off the bucket list. My horse decided to take a roll in the creek with me on her back....yes, I got soaked but luckily not dunked.

Tate on the trail ride. Her horse was much nicer. She stayed dry.

Scott's first 5K. He was super fast and did it in 23:35.

The girls and I did the one mile run. They ran the whole way!

My little man! November 20th

Thanksgiving at our house. Why do I look so much taller than Scott. He sunk with all that turkey in his belly.

Decorating the tree

Our fifth annual Gingerbread House decorating party was a success. The houses are getting so nice as the kids get older.

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