Dec 7, 2010

Paige Turns Six.....seriously!

Wow this post is late! I feel like we are finally getting into a groove as a family of five and now I am trying to catch up and get back to posting. Paige turned six on September 14th. This year she celebrated her big day in school with cookies and cupcakes. We provided the cookies and her friend Dani brought cupcakes since they share the same birthday. We took her to On the Border for dinner. She wanted to use the Taco Bell coupon she got from school, but I talked her into going somewhere else for tacos. Scott and I got her inline skates. Her birthday party was at Paint Your Pot. She and ten of her closest friends painted pumpkins, butterflies, dogs, cats, etc. We feasted on a Barbie cake made by me. B and Pop Pop were there too! She had a great day. I just can't believe how old she is getting. Her face is losing its round cheeks and she is getting so tall. It is amazing to watch her grow before my eyes.

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