Feb 14, 2011

Say it ain't so!

Where is this girl? Sick with a cold that is where!

Yes, a HEAD COLD has hit....not a blister, black toenail, or broken ipod...all things I could deal with....a H--E--A--D  Cold a week before my half marathon. OK, I've complained to my kids and husband all weekend about it and now I have to deal. Scott did run out and get me Zicam to supposedly cut the length of a cold in half. I've never used it, so even if it is a load of bolgna I'm going to try for the placebo effect and pray that it works.

Here I am after my first half! Yes, I climbed that bridge behind me at mile 12. I'm channeling that healthy girl.

So what do I do this week to try my best to be ready for Saturday and that 13.1 miles? Do I rest? Do I do my two short runs? What is the protocol when you are sick the week of the race? I just don't want to make it worse.

Other than running....

Saturday Scott and I went to see Jerry Seinfeld. It was a combo Valentine's--Scott's Bday gift. He is hilarious. We saw him two years ago (by the way I had a cold then too) and Scott jumped at the chance to see him again. It was crazy to see people coming in late and leaving early. He was only on for a little over an hour and tickets weren't cheap. Oh well, I need to worry about me and we had a ball.

Today is Valentine's Day, so I put notes in the girls' lunch boxes with marshmallow hearts. I have chocolate X 0's for when they get home. Scott gave me a box of chocolate covered cheeries...may absolute favorite and a high priced cheesy foily card. I refuse to buy those cards, so I'll be creating one of my own today with a list of why I love him. Hopefully Little Man will nap so that can happen. Have a great heart day!


5 Miles 2 Empty said...

No way! That is horrible!! SORRY!!!

Ok, what I have read is that if your sickness is above the neck then you're good to go as long as you feel ok. Sometimes running can loosen up all the gunk? How about a nasal spray too? Zicam should work! It's the bomb! (just trying to influence the placebo affect here!!) I think I would do at least easy EASY runs. Like 3 miles today and three on Thursday, maybe one on Friday. Generally there is no taper for a half but if you aren't feeling well then the best thing is to be rested and healthy.

You wont lose fitness. They say it takes two weeks of serious couch laying to lose fitness. So you are good!!

Oh and totally jealous bout Jerry. Yeah, we're on first name basis. =)

momof3 said...

I would rest this week and let your body be your guide. If you feel like running, maybe a few easy miles. If not, don't sweat the missed runs. Hydrate, drink soup, hot tea, etc. I have had great success running with head colds, and no success running with chest colds. Hope that's helpful.