Mar 11, 2010

Things a five year old says when you are pregnant

Paige has completely cracked me up over the last few weeks as she watches my belly grow bigger.  I keep meaning to take a moment to write some of them down before I forget them. I am so excited that the girls can't wait for the baby to come.  They are asking cute questions rather than the hard ones like how did the baby get in there and how will he get out.  Enjoy Paige's comments below!
  • We are driving to dance and Paige says, "Mom, when will your belly get too big so that Daddy has to drive you everywhere?"
  • We are watching the red carpet show of the Oscars to look at the pretty dresses and Paige looks back and forward from me to the TV a few times.  At the commercial she says, "Your belly is much bigger than your boobs."
  • After reading one night, she started rubbing my belly and asked the baby if he could hear her.
  • Every day she tells me, "Mom, your belly sure is getting big" with these big eyes.  She has not missed a day in at least two weeks.
The teenagers at work are also obsessed with my expanding stomach.  At the computers where I often work with the kids doing research are at eye level with my stomach so I feel their eyes staring me down.
  • We had the writing test this week and I was a proctor so I took a girl to the bathroom during the test.  She said, "So when do you go into labor?"
  • A girl asked me if I was scared. I told her it was my third so I was not scared and her eyes about bugged out of her head. I quickly told her that I was 35. Odd to brag about it, but I know I look younger than I am so I didn't want her to think I started having kids at 15 like many of them do.
  • Today I saw one of the scholar students in the hall that is a regular in the library.  I was looking for a science teacher's classroom so I asked her and her eyes first went to the belly.  I said, "Is my belly button that interesting?" and she could  not stop laughing.
The joys of the growing belly!

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