Apr 13, 2010

Almost Caught

So here are two versions of Easter Eve...

The Easter bunny waited for the baby bunnies to fall asleep and then filled the baskets with bathing suits, flip flops, princess dry erase boards, and candy galore.  The last thing the bunny needed to do is lay the trail of eggs expected by her bunnies from their baskets to their bedrooms. All would have been well except the bunny had to go back one more time to make sure the number of eggs in each trail was equal...we would not want the bunny to be called unfair.  About three steps from the top of the stairs with three eggs in her hand, the bunny was confronted with a stumbling wobbly Tate coming out of her bedroom and heading toward the bathroom. The bunny freaked.  Eyes doubled in size as she watched baby bunny stumble into the bathroom. The bunny ran down the hall.  Tate had appeared not to see.  After the bunny's heart stopped pounding out of her chest, she returned to lay the last of the eggs and make sure Tate was asleep. Did the bunny actually make it by unnoticed when only inches from a child?

After gathering eggs and searching through her basket for all the hidden treasure, Tate said, "Mom, I saw two eggs last night coming out of my room when I went to the bathroom." Heart begins pounding again. "Only two?" I said. She said she was worried the Easter Bunny was still there and would run away if he knew she was awake so she kept her eyes straight ahead and went right to bed again. Paige then added that she had woken up to and heard something but stayed in her room.

The bunny survived for another year.

The questions are plentiful about how he and all the other holiday visitors get into the house, is the Easter bunny an animal or a person dressed in a suit, why did you put KC in your bedroom (so he would not bat your eggs down the stairs), etc.  I am amazed that they take my answers so seriously and that I am able to come up with them on the fly.....how many more Easters do I have?

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