Apr 19, 2010

Tate's art show debut

Last week we found out a piece of artwork Tate had completed had been chosen and submitted to the YWCA Cultural Diversity Art Show.  She was so excited.  Her art teacher had chosen ten pieces to submit from her elementary school which is one of the largest in the county.  What an honor! So Saturday was the art show at Meredith College in Raleigh.  We headed downtown to the show and quickly found her piece which is below. It is a cityscape with rainbow people added in to symbolize diversity.  It also has some basketweaving in the background. Her teacher is amazing.  They are learned so many different techniques over her years there.

Look at her posing. I thought it was so cute. Each of the 60 participants got a cash prize.  She held strong and fast to her money which you will notice is in her hand. Ironically Matt Calleri's artwork was right next to hers so we got to see friends too.

It was a great experience for her and now I think I should look for an art camp for the summer.  She really enjoys it.  We have entered the art contest through the PTA the last three years.  She has either won or gotten an honorable mention two of those years. I think some of Uncle Neil is rubbing off...we have a budding artist!

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