Nov 16, 2009

Can it almost be Thanksgiving?

I can't believe it is next week.  I absolutely love the Macy's Day parade.  The girls are starting their Christmas lists and I actually bought my first present last week at Emily's Open House.  I actually got another one yesterday, so Mom is done...birthday and Christmas.  I'm on a roll now.  I'm off every Friday, so I hope to use those days to knock my shopping out. 

Tate is a mystery.  She really does not want anything big.  She keeps pointing out random things on TV but they aren't that exciting.  The thing she keeps saying she wants is a Zhu Zhu pet set.  You will not believe that these are very expensive fake hamsters.  I cannot believe what toy manufacturers can market to kids these days.  Paige wants a DS like Tate.  Santa will definitely be getting that so the fighting will stop over Tate's. 

I really get in the spirit on Thanksgiving.  The girls usually write their lists that weekend of the top three things they want, we get the decorations down from the attic and do the outside while Scott is working, buy a tree, and I go shopping after Scott gets home from work on Black Friday.  This year I may do a 8K Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning to get ready for all the yummy stuff at Emily and Garrett's.

This week is busier than last but not too bad. The girls have their normal dance classes.  I'm making dinner for a friend on the street with a new baby boy.  On Friday, I am super excited because I get to go see New Moon (the latest Twilight movie) with some friends on opening day.  We already have our tickets.  Tate will be at her best friend's birthday party, so Paige and Scott will get to have a date night.  Throw in homeowork, laundry, and life and the week will be a blur I'm sure.

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