Nov 5, 2009

Halloween on Chrismill

Here are the Brennan girls on Halloween.  I had an Evil Princess and Pumpkin Spice to escort around the ghoulish streets of Sunset Ridge.  Tate wanted to be both good and scary hence the crazy face make-up.  I think she actually scared herself a bit because when I asked if she wanted blood coming from her nose too she said "No, I think that is enough." Paige opted not to wear the orange wig so we cut out some of the orange hair and braided it into her pigtails.

Usually Scott takes them around the neighborhood but this year he had to work.  I made a cute sign and asked my neighbor, Jen, to hand out our candy with hers since I knew the first kid on my porch would likely dump the entire bowl in their bag if I left it unattended.

We headed out and Paige was a speedster.  She was two houses ahead almost the entire time which made me nervous when it started getting dark.  They had a great time.  There are two scary houses that all the kids talk about for weeks leading up to Halloween.  Tate was going to try to go in one this year but decided not to at the last minute.  I can see this being a rite of passage for the kids on the street as the years go by.  We made the big loop of Chrismill and Skymont and had enough candy to feed a third world country.  The girls picked out four of their favorites to have that night.  Tate is my chocolate girl and Paige likes the sweet and chewy stuff.

It was a successful night for all, but I did miss having my annual Halloween conversation with Steve, my neighbor across the street.  We enjoy a beer and exchange candy stories, angry/bossy/sleezy trick or treaters, and the assortment for this year.  Next year Scott will definitely get off and I'll be back on the porch with the jack o'lantern.

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