Nov 17, 2009


Recent things Paige has said that completely crack me up.

Yesterday after she got home from school--
Paige: You know what I learned about today, Mommy?
Me: What Paige?
Paige: The pill grams sailed a flower boat because they wanted to pray and they had to go somewhere else.
Me: The who?
Paige: The pill grams that went to that rock.

Last week we had a lot of hard nights getting Paige to bed at a decent hour.  One particular night I told her she wouldnot grow much taller if she did not get her sleep.  The next morning she came downstairs.
Paige: Mommy, I slept so good my bangs growed.

There are a ton more that I need to write down the minute she says them.  The way she uses ACTUALLY still makes me smile.  "Well, actually mommy" is a phrase she uses everyday.  Cutie patootie!

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