Nov 24, 2009

Holiday Plans

Two days and Turkey day is here!  Yippee!  I love holiday food.

We are heading to Garrett and Emily's to enjoy a wonderful meal with her family including her mom and brothers.  Stacy and her family will be there too! Five kids and nine adults I think.  I'm making stuffing and pumpkin pie.  Can't wait.  Scott actually has to work from 11-2 that day (first time ever) but we are going to eat around 4 so it should work out perfect.

The next holidayish plans is our 4th annual Gingerbread House making party.  We started this the year we moved to Holly Springs (four years December 1).  I make the houses out of graham crackers and cookie icing and Holly, Laura, and Jo bring lots of candy.  It is always a great time to get rid of the Halloween candy that is hanging around.  Eight kids decorate houses and eat just about as much candy as they stick on the house.

Then on December 11th, Holly, Laura and I are surprising our kids and taking them to Disney on Ice.  I can't wait.  They have no idea.  The hubbies will have a guys night. 

Next, on December 20th we are going to celebrate Christmas and Garrett's birthday at Emily and Garrett's.  This will be the same gang from Thanksgiving.  I'm excited because this year we are having a brunch.  I need to hop on the Christmas shopping to get ready for this but I have most of my ideas ready.

Finally, on the 22nd or 23rd we will head to Elizabeth City to celebrate Christmas Eve with my side of the family.  There is nothing like home.  The girls love my parents house....feeding geese, the gingerbread cookies B always gets them, playing with the toys that are only at B's house.  After Christmas Eve lunch with 6 aunts/uncles, 4 cousins, 4 little ones (mine included), Granddaddy, Mom and Dad, Mom's aunts and uncles and lots of other extended family, we will head home to have Christmas morning in our own house. 

What a month we have ahead of us!

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