Mar 23, 2009

Week in Review

Whew! What a week!

Monday and Tuesday were spent finishing up Tate's landforms project. I am truly going to school all over again. She drew, defined, and colored 10 landforms and created a visual that included a clay hill, sandy coast, pipe cleaner windmill on the plains, and a tissue paper mountain. She was a trooper and very proud to brag that she had drawn all her pictures while two people in her class only cut out pictures and glued them down. I did squeeze in 6 miles on Tuesday with Holly.

Wednesday was Scott's 40th birthday. After I got over the shock of thinking someone was attacking me in the dark of the early morning, I couldn't stop laughing at the balloons on our mailbox and streamers that friends had covered Scott's car with. He came home to 40 cards in the mailbox. We took him out to dinner and came home with cake. I'm still trying to get him to buy the 40 inch plasma, but I think he wants a vacation instead.

Thursday and Friday were spent on secret shopping missions for Scott's surprise party. Paige also had her recital pictures on Friday. While I read in Tate's class, Paige got to go down to a neighbor's house with all the other girls in her class and have her hair and make-up done. They all looked absolutely adorable. The green and black costume is slowly growing on me because I just think any tutu is cute.

Saturday Tate had a soccer game and scored her first goal of the season! Go Sounders! Once we got home, we started cleaning up. Scott thought we were cleaning for his mom but he would soon find out that he was cleaning for his very own party. He went to lunch with his brother and only then did I tell the girls what was going on. Paige is not good with secrets. Jim arrived shortly with tables, coolers, and cornhole. The backyard was transformed. The party went great. Nearly 30 of us surprised him (kinda). He recounted the clues for us later. I guess Garrett insisting to go to lunch on Saturday versus Sunday started the suspicion. Then the call I made Emily make because I was nervous he was never going to come home didn't help. The only thing that make him think twice was a last minute idea by a friend who told me to do something normal. I grabbed my next door neighbor and we went and stood in her driveway and pretended to talk like a normal afternoon. After much cornhole, BBQ, and beer the party ended a little after 7.

Sunday was beautiful! We kept the girls outside and cleaned up the yard. Now I look forward to a normal busy week versus the Brennans on fast forward!

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