Mar 2, 2009

The Tale of Two Shoestrings

I was cleaning out a drawer this morning--a snowy morning in March---another make-up day eating into my spring break--and I found two packs of shoestrings I got in a gift bag after a race. I gave them to the girls to play with because I am always amazed at what they do with stuff. Their imaginations are out of control. Soon they each had hand towels tied to their legs with the shoestrings--"Mom, we have broken legs." Soon they also had canes and crutches which were actually parts of a fort set. It was hilarious! Before it was all over the shoestrings turned into a limbo bar when attached to more pieces of the fort set. What will they come up with next?

When the shoestring fun ran out, we headed out into the snow that cancelled school today. We made the snow lady you see below. A snowball fight, snow angels, and a cup of hot cocoa later we are back inside. What will the shoestrings be next?

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