Mar 25, 2009

Dance costumes

Tuesdays are dance days at our house. Costumes are in and Paige has a doozey! Close your eyes and imagine this....neon green tutu, black and green checked bodice with flesh color material that ends in a tight collar no four year old wants to wear. Needless to say I am not a fan but it grows on me each time I see it on her because what four year old is not cute in a tutu. Well, yesterday the teacher invited us in to see the dance. I have been watching them practice it for a few weeks but had not heard the music so I was excited to see how it all came together. So I am sitting there and the most adorable song comes on. It is called "Barbie Bandaids." It is the sweetest country song about your daughter growing up. I will be crying buckets at the recital. So now go back to the description I gave does this sweet song relate to the disco outfit hanging in Paige's closet? Did I mention her teacher is 17? Great girl and perfect with the kids but oh my! That may explain it all.

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