Mar 12, 2009

Come on Spring and SPRING!

I love warm weather. I am absolutely not made to withstand the cold. Put me on a desert island any day before making me travel to Alaska. I accomplished something big this year and trained for a half marathon in the cold, even ran 12 miles in the low 30s which is big for me. Couldn't feel my toes until about five miles in.

Needless to say, I can't wait for spring. This week got me excited. My daffodils, tulips, and day lilies are coming up (I am addicted to gardening). I pruned the crepe myrtles and planted a leftover lantana that I did not get into the ground last fall. I was so surprised to see that it was still alive when I went to throw it away. Tate had her first soccer game last Saturday--no need to mention the score. Paige got invited to attend a select dance class this summer--no need to talk about Tate not getting asked. Recital tickets go on sale on Saturday. Scott's 40th birthday is next week. All the signs of spring are here but the weather is getting cooler again. I am going to look at the showers coming in as a positive sign. The grass is sure to get greener and plants bigger. When the rain breaks on Wednesday, I demand spring to show its pretty face.

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