Oct 21, 2009

Best Buds

Isn't it awesome to have that best friend that you never tire of?  Tate has found that in Abbie.  They have been in the same class for Kindergarten, 2nd, and now 3rd grade.  Abbie lives only five houses away from us, so it is a great situation.  This year they are also on the same soccer team as you see in the picture from last week's game. 

Last year they used to play at Abbie's all the time.  I felt bad that they never wanted to come to our house.  They would play in Abbie's backyard that backs up to our neighborhood park.  They played fort and made "salads" out of all kinds of things.  Now this year they have migrated down to our house.  Abbie has a baby sister who naps, so I think they can be louder over here.  At our house they are always in the playroom playing with the peekaboo barbies and polly pockets.  They create a world for these dolls with stores and houses made out of the most interesting stuff.  A plastic screw for a baby carrier turns into spinner for one of the dolls.  If they are not doing that they are choreographing dances and plays with all our dress up costumes.  We even tape them so they can play them back.  Luckily they let Paige be a part of most of the dances and plays.

Some would worry that she should have more friends. I am just so happy she has found someone who gets her.  She has lots of friends I think, but she and Abbie have a sweet bond.  They laugh at the same things and have a similar silliness.  We should all be so lucky to find that type of friend.  I am lucky enough to have great friends in my life too.  They are priceless to me.

Abbie is at Disney now for the first week of track out.  Tate asks me daily what she might be doing.  She flew there, so the first day we knew her flight got in and when they had dinner reservations.  Since then Tate thinks I know her every move.  She can't wait to have her come back and hear about all the fun things she did on her trip.  She has already written notes and left flowers on her doorstep. Let's cherish the sweet times.

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