Oct 30, 2009


Why run? It was initially a pact among friends.  We decided at dinner one night to run a spring 5K for breast cancer.  I did the couch potato to 5K run/walk program and hated it the whole time.  We ended doing a race in April before the one mentioned above because we were all ready and excited that we have gotten to three miles.  It sucked.  I had to walk because of a cramp.  In case you don't know,  I don't walk.  For some obscene reason I find it as a failure.  I think everyone has a running "thing"--it might be gear, gadgets, training programs---mine is the walking.  I ended up running another 5K alone the next weekend to prove to myself that I could do it.  I have been hooked ever since.

Why race? I think they push me to find out what I am capable of more than training can.  I need those fast people rushing past me to make me ask more of myself.  Also, a good friend gave me a great matra to keep in mind....I race to train.  The training is what gets us in shape.  The race is just the culmination but it does not take away all those miles you log leading up to it.  I am now one week from my second half marathon.  I am scared to death that I am going to catch the flu going around.  After all this hard work, I want to experience the race, but I keep telling myself that I race to train. Now I just need to listen.

Why keep at it? I constantly hear how bad it is for you to run.  My dad tells me he thinks I'm crazy and would only run if someone with a gun was chasing him.  It feels great to love something you hated and envied in others.  I can run.  I'm not fast, but I am getting faster.  It is something I can work at.  I love to be outside and I love to feel active.  I love that people at work ask me each Monday what and where I ran this weekend.  I love reaching a new goal....a better pace, a new race distance, trying triathlons, hoping to do a relay.  I love talking about running with friends and having friends that run too.  I love that I have found something as an adult to keep me fit and make me feel young.


Amy W said...

So when is the relay? Let's get it booked!

Anonymous said...

Love it! You summed it all up in a pretty package :)