Oct 11, 2009

Running for it!

Two cute stories from yesterday....Tate had a soccer game in the morning.  After the game (they won by the way), Tate and I were walking back to the car with her coach nearby.  He was teasing her saying that he would have them running the whole field at practice on Wednesday.  Tate looked back at him and said, "That's not far...my mom just ran 9 miles."  Then she told him that she ran a mile in PE this week and was breathing really hard at the end.  I'm glad she understands what I am doing and sees how the hard work I'm putting in is paying off. 

Then last night at dusk the girls set out to "Boo" two neighbors on our street.  If you don't know what booing is it is when you create a goodie bag of Halloween treats and leave it on a neighbor's doorstep, ring the doorbell and run away.  It was absolutely hilarious to watch the girls from our front porch.  Paige left with the intention of booing her friend Anna Kate but when it came time to do it I think she got nervous so Tate did the drop off part while Paige waited in the bushes.  Tate carefully planned it out.  She put Paige around the corner in the bushes.  Then she creeped around looking all over for anyone who would be watching her.  As she went up the steps she stopped and took off her flip flops for a fast getaway.  Then she put the bag down and peeked in the side window of the door.  Then she hit the button and took off like a light.  I wish you could have seen her fly.  It was like someone was after her.  My Dad always says he would only run if someone was chaing him with a gun.  Tate looked like she was being chased for sure.  Anna Kate and her mom came to the door and found the surprise.  The girls waited extra long to come out so that Anna Kate would not know it was them.  Mission accomplished!

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