Oct 19, 2009

Random happenings

The weather is....beautiful.  I wish I could run but Scott has to work tonight.

The girls are...upstairs playing on the computer we just moved to the playroom.  Now all the educational games are loaded and they are actually using them.  Tate keeps telling me, "Daddy says I'm learning and I thought I was just having fun."

The house is...kinda clean.  I need to do the floors again which I hate.

The cat is....snuggly lately.  Scott has worked a lot of nights lately, so he has been my buddy.  He still attacks Paige at least once a day.  He honestly latches on to her leg and bites.  Maybe since she is the smallest and plays with him the most.

The holidays are....coming faster than I expected.  Mom has already gotten the girls their gifts.  I have ideas but have not made any purchases yet.  I am going to ask friends to take the kids to see Disney on Ice in December.  Should be fun.

The running is...going nicely.  I have a 10 miler this Saturday and the OBX half  marathon is in less than three weeks.  I have not shaved off as much time as I hoped, but who knows what race day will bring.  This weekend's race will be a good predictor.

Scott is...at work.  He worked an overnighter last night and is now back in to close the store.  Then tomorrow is inventory.  I know he will be glad when Wednesday is here.

Tate is...tracked out.  We have lots planned.  Track out camp, reading goals, learning multiplication tables, completing the PTA Reflections project, going to a farm for hayrides and a cornmaze, going to the beach for my half, playdate with friends tomorrow, a charity cornhole tournament on Sunday I helped plan, gymnastics day camp....

Paige is...tracked in at school.  She is on the traditional calendar like me.  She loves it and is learning all about fire safety this week.  She told me her homework was to ask me about our family fire plan so we just did a "test" run through touching the handle, putting a blanket at the bottom of the door and knocking on the window.  She is envisioning ladders and firemen catching her as she jumps out of windows. Let's hope that never happens!

Dinner is...undecided.  I've done chili, spagetti and meatballs, a bbq pork roast in the past few days and tonight I think chicken is all I got in me to make. 

On my side table are...the latest Runner's World, the book I'm reading (Piccoult's The Plain Truth) and the new American Girl catalog that Paige has gone through with me.

Now it is....time to take the girls to the library and then some outside time.  Happy Monday!

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Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

GReat post! Thanks for stopping in on my Blog.

Good luck with your half Marathon. I will add you to the calendar for High Five Friday :)