Oct 14, 2009

I'm in for it with this child!

Paige is obsessed with clothes.  Yesterday she got in the car after school and asked why Daddy had dressed her in hot clothes (outfit #1 long pants and long sleeved shirt).  Holly was watching her for me so I could get a run in rather than wait till 7 when Scott got home, so Paige changed real quick so she could play outside with Georgia (outfit #2 long pants and short sleeved shirt).  When we got home after the run she was OK for a while.  Tate had Abbie over to play and before I knew it she was changed again (outfit #3 long pants and spagetti strap top).  Then when it is jammie time she changes (outfit #4).  The crazy thing is that when Scott went to wake her up this morning we discovered she has changed yet again before falling asleep in outfit #5--a long sleeve shirt and skirt. 

This is actually pretty funny to watch until I go into her room at the end of the day to find the clothes all over the floor.  It is like a dressing room has exploded.  So this girl is going to give me a run for my money on clothes.  She doesn't like adjustable waist stuff because it "feels funny," but the only stuff that fits her tiny waist is adjustable waist stuff.  This morning she tried at least three different outfits on trying to find something comfortable.  I guess I should be thankful she had to wear a uniform to school last year.  Now she is definitely expressing her taste.  Lots of pink, lots of dresses, and elastic waist pants.  I'm going to need to go shopping since Tate's hand me downs don't seem to fit her taste in clothes.  Right now that actually seems like a good idea just to get through the dressing game at home.  She is a mess...and I love it!  Cute as can be and gets away with murder.

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