Jan 15, 2009

The Countdown

I have two days until I leave for my first half marathon in sunny Florida. It is freezing here, so the warm weather will be welcome treat. But...my nerves are out of control. Can I really run 13.1 miles? I have been training for this since August, so I know I just need to trust my body to pull through. Running is such a mind game. After a year of running, confidence as a runner is what I need most.

My girls are so excited. Paige has been drawing pictures of me running for weeks at school. It means a lot to me that she recognizes that this is so important to me. I wish they could see me cross the finish line but this first one is going to be just for me (and Scott who is going to come cheer me on). It is OK to focus on yourself every now and then, right?

What comes next? After training for a race for so long, I am already wondering what I will do next week when I get back. I guess I'll find another race and keep on trucking.

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Mikeb said...

Stay loose and don't try to set any records!