Jan 22, 2009

Snow days come to an end

We got back from Florida to wake up the following morning to snow. Actually, Tate woke me up at 3am Tuesday morning to tell me it was snowing. It did not stop snowing until 5pm that day. The girls bundled up in a North Carolina snow outfit...anything a mom can throw together to make her feel like her children will stay warm. The snow was very dry so we were not successful this time in making a snowman. We ended up with at least five inches I think. School was closed Tuesday and Wednesday. As I type this, I am waiting for the two hour delay to end so Tate can skip along to Ms. Pride's class. She actually has to go to school for a half-day on Saturday to make up some snow time. After most of the week off, I don't think she will mind this time. The other make up day is in April when she will have soccer on Saturdays (that is when year round schools have to make up days) so we will gracefully miss that make-up day. Scott went in yesterday to work and only saw one car in a ditch. He was surprised to see people in a opening time. It doesn't take long for people to get cabin fever. I myself am looking forward to getting out of here today even if it is to go to the grocery store. I am going to see my nephew Connor...the cutest baby around...so it will be a great day.

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Amy W said...

Great pics (Ashley has that same hat, shockingly its from Old Navy :))