Jan 30, 2009

Felt speedy!

Yesterday was my second run since the half marathon. I took a week off after the race. I thought I at least deserved that long but then the runner's guilt started creeping back. I have realized that training is one of the addictive aspects of running. I know if I don't run I'll start to lose it. After all that hard work to get to 13 miles, the last thing I want to do is lose it. So I laced up the sneaks after Scott got home yesterday and headed out. I started out at a pretty fast pace...probably because it was chilly and a little windy. Once I saw how fast I was going, I decided to see how fast I could do 3. I've never tried to do that before and the traffic gods appeared to be on my side to give my "test" a real whirl. I have to cross a main road twice on the loop I was doing, and I didn't have to slow down either time. I ended up doing it in 27:29. I couldn't believe it. That is about 45 seconds faster than I've done it before. That is what is addictive about running too...going faster, longer than you have gone before. I have no plans to make a longer distance goal for now, so I have to set a time goal I guess. Anyway I was pooped right at 3 miles, so I stopped running and walked the rest of the way home. I passed a neighbor on my street who said, "Out for a fast walk?" I snapped back..."No, I was running." I laughed later when I thought about it because I realized I was offended he thought I was walking. I am a runner now! How silly is that? Runners don't walk! I got issues I know.

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