Jan 28, 2009

Our First Sleepover

Well, the Brennan girls hosted their first sleepover last night. Our friend Jackie Rose had surgery today, so her sisters Julia and Jenna stayed at our house last night. The girls had a blast! They started by making cards for Jackie. Jackie loves Aeriel, so everyone drew the famous mermaid. Interesting how different every one's looked. Then off to get on jammies and watch a movie. After popcorn, cookies and lots of giggles, I was ready for bed (I have to get up at 4:50 on Wednesdays for work) but the little ladies were not. They laughed for about another hour before Jenna finally gave in and went to bed. I am just impressed that I was able to stay awake until they went to sleep. Now the real fun began. I was off to work at 5:45 leaving my lovely husband with the task of getting four girls dressed, fed, and to a friend's house where they would play for the day. All this had to be done so he could get to work by 9:00. They all woke up on their own according to Paige. They ate waffles for breakfast. Somehow the kitchen table is moved. I haven't asked about that one yet. I'm impressed that he brushed every one's hair. He said Julia was a trooper as he tried his best to beautify a girl who must have moved around a lot while she slept. When I saw the girls this afternoon, all they could talk about was getting to ride in the back of the Expedition without seat belts as they traveled the street over to Laura's house. All you have to do is break the rules to make little girls happy! Each time a new person arrived, they told the car story again. It was fun! I'm tired and can't wait to get in my jammies, but everyone was happy and Jackie Rose is home recovering. Tate has another sleepover on Friday for a birthday party. Glad I've done my time. I'll be snuggled tight in my bed that night unless I get a phone call to pick up my little lady. She does love her own bed!

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