Feb 6, 2009

Circus anyone?

Scott took the girls to the circus last night! Don't tell him, but I'm calling it his man date. He went with a friend from work who took his three nieces. So just imagine...two men and five little ladies. I was sad to miss it, but I did take Tate while Scott stayed home with Paige when she was just a year old. It was his turn.

He took them early so they could go down on the floor and watch the clowns. They even got to be a part of a juggling act. Paige actually went out there on her own! Big news there! Since it was her first time, Scott got a kick out of her comments. She was very concerned when she saw the elephants. She said, "Daddy, the elephants are inside. That is not right." Just as they came out the horses came out too. She looked at him with complete shock wondering why all the animals were inside. She thought they should be outside like at the zoo. I really think she only expected to see the clowns and acrobats, so animals were a surprise.

They got cotton candy, popcorn, a horse for Tate (to match the one she got when I took her), and a white tiger for Paige (nothing like another stuffed animal to add to our house). It was a late night...after 10 I think when they got home. Gotta love those childhood memories. They couldn't stop telling me about it!

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