Feb 26, 2009

Lunch with the Teacher

Tate's teacher will do interesting things to get the kids to do homework, be quite, etc. Her latest thing was if parents signed the homework folder every night for a week, their names could be put in a hat and on Friday she would pick a name out and that student would get to pick three friends to have lunch with Ms. Pride in the classroom. Isn't it awesome that lunch with the teacher is such a great prize to a 2nd grader. I love it.

Anyway, Tate's name was not picked but her friend Abbie did pick her as one of the three friends to come have lunch. What I found so amusing was the lunch conversation. They all started sharing Disney stories. We have only been once and it was amazing. So Tate was telling Scott all about this Friday after school and he asked her what story did she share. She smiled and said, "THE SQUIRREL ATTACK." Of all the wonderful things we did...eat at the castle (mucho money), roller coasters for the first time, an amazing hotel with a volcano in the pool...and my did tells everyone about the squirrels.

So here is the story...We were at Epcot. We had gone on Soarin', Tate's favorite ride, and were now walking through the different countries. The girls were in the strollers (yes even Tate) looking at the buildings and people in country garb. It was time for lunch, so we stopped at the McDonald's for nuggets for the kids and parked ourselves by the lake that the countries are centered around. The ducks and geese are very tame, obviously fed by more tourists than you can imagine, so I had my eye on them eyeing the french fries. Who knew you had to watch out for the squirrels. Before my eyes, a daring squirrel was crawling up the backpack on the back of one of our strollers. He was trying to get inside since it was open. I looked at Scott and told him to do something. Luckily the girls were not in the strollers then so they came over by me and Scott tried to stomp and yell but that squirrel did not care. It was hilarious. He realized there was nothing to be had in the Brennan backpack and went on his merry way but goodness it was interesting. I felt like he was going to start talking to me in Eddie Murphy's voice. Doesn't he do all the animal movies?

I just find it very interesting that when asked about Disney that is the story Tate chose to share. It was memorable, and it just goes to show that the little things count just as much as the big things we do.

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Amy W said...

Ask Ray his most memorable time in Disney?

Watching me get pooped on by a bird in Epcot...