Feb 14, 2009

Heart Day

What an awesome day! Some Saturdays seem endless as I try to think of things for the girls and I to do while Scott is working. Today being Valentine's Day, I came up with a project that they both thought was a great idea and it sailed us through the day. We planned a "special" dinner for Daddy. After getting baths and dressing in our red for the day, we headed to Wally World (my pet name for Wal-Mart) and got brownies, wine, and other odds and ends for our dinner. We delivered leftover neighborhood valentines and got home to start getting ready. We put the leaf in the table and cut out place mats from felt. We put the flowers Scott gave us on the table and added candles around them. Tate made Scott a menu for dinner with only one choice: calzones. Scott had mentioned steaks or going for calzones at our neighborhood Pizza place (great place!). I let the girls pick and they picked calzones. So calzones, salad, water, wine, and a surprise dessert (a heart brownie I attempted to write "We Love You" in powered sugar--attempted being the key word) made it on the menu.

About 30 minutes before Scott got home, the girls got into dress up clothes. When I gave them the idea, I intended for us all to "get fancy," but they came down a few minutes later looking like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Scott came home and Tate took him upstairs to wash his hands so I could quickly put out the salad. Once we were all seated, Paige was our waitress bringing the water and giving Scott his menu. The girls had apple juice in wine glasses which was the hit of the night. They cleared the table and acted absolutely perfect. At the end of dessert, I asked them what they loved about our family (thanks Laura for the idea!). Tate said she loved that we spend time together a lot. Great answer! Paige said she loved me and Daddy. Who could ask for more!

After such a wonderful day, all I can say is what holiday can tomorrow be so that we can do it again?

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Amy W said...

I saw them dressed up as Princesses...what a great idea!! Totally going to do that next year.