Feb 10, 2009

Like Cats and Dogs

This morning I was prepared to write a depressing note in here about the girls fighting for the last few days but luckily today has been much better. I fought like cats and dogs with my brother. We had knock down drag out fights. We locked each other out of the house. Tate and Paige aren't like that. They never get physical. If they do, it is an accident. They are whiners and toy stealers. Their big conflict is one wants to be the boss and the other one does to. When it gets bad, I tell them to take a break and play separately for a while. This never works. They just keep trying to talk the other one into doing it their way. Anyway, today was better, and I have to hold on to that for today. It comes in waves, and right now Tate is tracked out so they have had a lot of together time. Tomorrow is a new day! Wish us luck. We are going rollerskating as a family after I get off work!

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