Feb 3, 2009

The Mommy Touch

Saturday night Tate was invited to a sleepover for Ella's birthday. She had a ball doing nails, getting a mud mask, and playing a game to win fingernail polish. Everything went perfect until it was time to settle down and watch a movie. Tate loves her house, her bed, and her Mommy and Daddy. She called to say goodnight around 8, but I could tell she was not sure about staying the night. Just my voice was making her want to come home even as upbeat as I was trying to be. She stayed for the movie but did call again at 11 for me to come get her. She tried so hard but just wanted to be home. Gotta love that! Anyway, this experience made me think about the Mommy touch that we all know we have when our kids are babies. My nephew Connor loves his Mommy. Her touch instantly soothes him. I saw him on Saturday, and I watched all the other moms try to console him but that boy is smart. He knew who his mom was and she had a special touch. As moms we all have that special pat, special hold, special song that will calm our children. When Tate was small, I would walk around (no sitting allowed) and bounce her a certain way that would make her stop crying. No one else had that bounce..my bounce. A little singing of "You are my Sunshine" never hurt either. Paige liked to be over my shoulder and I would pat her diaper. Scott seemed to find success with singing "Going to the Chapel" until the girls got old enough to ask him to stop singing. Whatever it is, moms have something special that soothes their children. That is why we are moms. I miss that mom touch. I don't get to use it as much now, so I guess that is why I recognized it the other night when she was sad. As they get older, I wonder what my Mommy touch will be. Maybe my wallet? As they as they always know where home is.

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